What Colour’s Will Your Home Be In 2014? – Trends

Some years ago my sister was looking for Coral coloured cushions. She searched high and low without success. “Coral must be out of fashion”. she complained. The only cushions available were in  the colour’s of that particular year, and Coral wasn’t one of them. The same problem can arise with clothing fashion, as these colour’s too are mirrored with interior colour’s. “Who the hell decides and dictates what colour’s we should be buying anyway?” My sister continued to complain returning home minus the Coral cushions.

There are a few bodies of people who generally decide. Pantone Colour Institute in America, the Colour Futures Team who make paint for Dulux and Global Colour Reseach who produce Mix Magazine.  These companies carry out research around the globe on popular holiday or travel destinations, , artists and entertainment, maybe future sports events, views on world issues. They capture the mood of the world in colours which they believe reflects this. ( In a previous blog  http://sminteriors.co.uk/2013/10/06/colours/   What Colour Are You Today? I discussed this subject.)

Pantone’s chosen colour for 2014 is ‘Wild Orchid’ as a colour with confidence and warmth and encourages creativity and imagination. Some say it reminds them of cheap bubble bath and nail varnish, far too ‘in your face’. It maybe overwhelming to paint all your walls with ‘Wild Orchid’ for your taste and mood of the moment, but it could be added as an accent colour with soft furnishings and accessories teamed with Grey’s (a perennial favourite at the moment) or a splash of green (think of an Orchid plant).  ‘Sea Urchin’ is the chesen colour of Dulux which is harmonious and natural, a softer shade of Teal. This is a far easier colour to live with and has a calming, restful effect. If painting all your walls this one colour is still too much for you, just paint one wall, and paint the corresponding walls in one of Farrow and Balls colour’s of the year Purbeck Stone or Moles Breath. http://www.farrow-ball.com/?channel=ppc&gclid=CM7J5qW7jLwCFYrjwgodCHMASw Shades of yellow, whether a bright acid or  ochre hue are also included in the trends and lifts blue and grey colour schemes. These could be introduced with bedding, rugs and wall art.

Remember that light in a room effects the colour, be it natural or artificial. Which direction the room faces – North, South, East or West. What times of the day will the room be used, mostly during the day or evening or both?  What is rooms intended purpose? These factors should all be considered when pouring over paint colour charts. Still not sure, then purchase sample pots of paint and paint onto A4 copier paper and stick them to the walls. Doing this avoids any colour’s bleeding through your final chosen wall colour. Live with these, and notice how the colour changes during the day and night. Does the colour make you feel good or ill?

Experiment with the ‘trend’ colour’s of the year and have some fun with them, including Coral which is now ‘on trend’ too!  http://blog.lauraashley.com/at-home/cool-coral-home-story/

Photo’s design-seed.com

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