It’s Not Just For The Rich and Famous

I recently received an email from a friend, and I quote, Some people are a bit scared of Interior Designers because they feel it would cost a fortune – it’s only for the rich and famous.” She then went on to say “That a lot of people who are good at D.I.Y. lack vision or ideas, need advice only.”

I have under my various headings of Interior Design, Home Styling and Home Staging defined what each application is, and the options available to my services, including advice only. However, in our busy lives, if by chance someone looks at my web site, nine times out of ten they will look at some of the pictures and perhaps scan the words briefly, not really taking in the information, and then leave the web site. We’re all guilty of doing this. So to rectify any misconception of Interior Designers being ‘scary and expensive’ I decided to clarify my services, and write a brief synopsis of the definitions on one page.

Interior Design – Basically an Interior Designer is indispensable when planning major structural or layout changes to your existing home, like a bathroom or kitchen or planning a new build. They will provide detailed drawings of your layout,  furniture placement, lighting, electrical and plumbing requirements which all need to be planned prior to starting any project.They will  assist in all aspects of interior decorations and furnishings. Interior Designers will do as much or as little as you require, in line with your brief and budget. They can even save you money  sometimes by preventing costly mistakes.

Home Styling – Cost Effective solutions by making the most of what you own already, and enhancing your style with a few additions and changes. This is ideal if you want to do carry out work on your home, and really don’t know where to start. Again this service is tailored to you, whether you just want advice and some ideas for you to carry out the work yourself, or for me to source items or implement work on your behalf, even if it is just one room you are struggling with.

Home Staging – Preparing a private residence for sale or let. A well presented property helps to achieve the optimum selling price and a faster sale. You are selling a lifestyle too. I offer advice, recommendations and budgets which can either be implemented by me or yourself.

I firmly believe that well planned and executed interiors are available to everyone, whatever their budget, it’s not just the preserve for the  rich and famous.’

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