New Uses for Old Stuff

I recently came across an unwanted telephone table. Remember the days when one had to conduct phone conversations in the hall because that was where the phone connection was? Ceasing talking when someone walked past, or whispering secret things to friends, boyfriends’ or girlfriends’ so as not to be overheard by any eavesdroppers. The days prior to mobile’s and text’s. So the telephone table is now an un-required item of furniture, and there it stood, a ‘White Elephant’ in this technological age. So I got to thinking about other uses for it. The unit provided some great storage with five drawers, and a space for stuff under the seat.

1. It still is great for a hall or boot room. All those drawers for hats, gloves and scarfs, shoe and boot storage and somewhere to sit to pull on and off those boots.

2. It would be great in a family bathroom, providing storage for towels, toiletries and all manner of items that generally clutter a bathroom. The storage below the bench seat is a great place to keep toilet rolls, shampoo and bath toys. The seat is great for sitting down whilst drying either yourself or young children.

3. In a child’s room it could be used a bedside table offering precious storage space for clothes, a seat for a child to sit and read or play. The space under the bench seat can be used for toys or shoes.

So, not only can a piece of furniture be up-cycled with some love and attention, but can be recycled for other purposes. To see all the examples go to Furniture listings.

Hide away all your bathroom clutter with great storage. Some where to sit too.
Hide away all your bathroom clutter with great storage. Some where to sit too.

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