What Colour Are You Today?

First thing this morning I was feeling a little Grey/Blue, for no apparent reason, (late night perhaps?).  During my morning walk with our family Labrador across the fields, stopping occasionally to gaze at the countryside (and to get my breath back), I noticed the changes in the colours of the landscape. In the warm Autumn sunshine the Golds, Yellows, Burgundy and Reds glowed warmly which gladdened my heart and lifted my spirit to match.

We often describe ourselves or others as colours; being in a ‘Black mood’ or ‘Green with envy’. Personalities as ‘very Beige’ or ‘Red Hot’. Some people even have names as colours. No, I don’t mean as in Brown and White etc. I mean first names – Magenta, Ruby (as in red) Emerald (as in Green). Will their personalities reflect their names I wonder?

Colours and the affect on how we feel subconsciously is quite amazing. That is why in Autumn and Winter we tend to introduce warmer colours to our homes to lift our spirits, add warmth and cosy things up a bit. The comfort factor, especially if it is dull and grey outside for weeks on end and the days are so much shorter Ugh!

Choosing colours for our home will have the same affect on the way we feel, and consideration of light, which direction your room faces whether North, South, East or West, colours can appear to be quite different and produce different results.

South facing rooms are the easiest as they have the most natural day light and most all colours work well in this aspect.

North facing rooms are the hardest, as they have the least amount of natural daylight.  Depending on your desired use and what you are trying to achieve, you can choose to go with the darker shades to create an intimate space which comes to life in the evenings, with mood lighting to add a sense of drama. If a lighter space is required then use lighter coloured paints and colours with warmer tones in them such as creams and yellow based colours.

East – Rooms facing East enjoy the morning sunshine and light. Enhance this light with blue and green based colours and tones. To avoid the room looking cold as the light moves away from the room during the day add a darker tone of the same colour into the room with either paint or furnishings.

West facing rooms receives the afternoon and early evening light, so lighter colours work well. To avoid the room appearing ‘cool’ earlier in the day use warmer tones of colours which includes tones of reds. As the light changes throughout the day the room will have a soft warm glow, making it a lovely space to sit and relax in with a cup of tea or glass of something at the end of a busy day.

So what colour are you today?

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